Woman-Owned & Operated
Seed to Sale Cannabis Company
170 North Road, East Windsor, CT. 06088

We love what we do. Our passion shines through in all we do. Our LNK CBD products do not have anything unnecessary. Our extensive research in the cannabis market coupled with life experiences had us purchase land to farm our own hemp, top quality seeds, a transplanter, tractor and plow and here we are.

At Diamond Shine and LNK CBD Products we do not compromise quality or integrity. Come join our community. We plan to show work by industry professionals through our empire of cannabis and hemp operations with special emphasis on minorities in the industry and beyond.

We are official licensed growers and processors of hemp in Massachusetts & Connecticut.
Diamond Shine secured a special permit for a retail location for marijuana in Whately, MA. Stay tuned for our dispensary.

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Healing the Soul and Spirit through the use of cannabis

Diamond Shine/LNK grows our own hemp, organic with love from our fields in Whately, Massachusetts and East Granby, CT.  We are a family run women-only minority cannabis company.

“I grow plants for many reasons: to please my soul, to challenge the elements or to challenge my patience, for novelty, or for nostalgia, but mostly for the joy in seeing them grow.”

David Hobson


Diamond Shine, our cannabis company and LNK, our cannabidiol (CBD) company both alike are on a lifelong legacy of a mission to heal the soul and spirit through the use of boutique quality products that will surely show what they do upon delivery.


All of our products are grown organically when it comes to cultivation and processed/manufactured with the purest state of the art equipment by employees who live and breathe our mission.

It all starts with a seed.

Growing Hemp & Processing organic hemp from our own farms who believe in our mission from across Connecticut and Massachusetts.  

Products include:  Flower, gummy’s, tinctures, oils, creams, vape pens, bath bombs, lip balms and pre-rolls. 

We are...

Our boutique is untouchable.  Our team is elite.  We are here to serve you now and in the future and always.


Diamond Shine started in 2018 to heal the soul.  Through our journey, we have worked with individuals with conditions including medical, developmental disabilities, mental health disabilities and anyone who needs some love and support through their journey alike.  All roads and experience has led us here and we are thrilled to serve you.


LNK joins us a subsidy that will surely produce the highest quality Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabis compound that has a variety of medical benefits without people feeling “high” and can counteract the psychoactivity of THC.  People looking for relief from inflammation, anxiety, pain, psychosis, seizures and other conditions without feelings of dysphoria or lethargy should consider using CBD.  Many other conditions are treated with CBD such as:  arthritis, diabetes, alcoholism, MS, chronic pain, schizophrenia, PTSD, depression, antibiotic resistant infections and epilepsy.  It also can have anti-cancer properties which continue to be researched.


Our reviews from customers are our greatest reward!

Hemp Watch Grow

Grow Hemp 1 at home 6-17-19

Watch our hemp grow.  We have a feminized variety “Cherry Struck” and a non-feminized variety of “Cherry Wine.”  Check back as we grow grow grow and learn learn learn!


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Our Blog

After the grow…”Farm to Table?” What!

So it’s harvest time all across the United States and for us surely in Massachusetts and Connecticut. All of ours is cut down but not without some hassle. A few plants were “taken” off the field by I am assuming some magical fairies in broad day light. So, security is of an issue with the

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Hemp Harvest Time LNK Farms

LNK Farms Harvest Time 🙂

It is our honor to be able to harvest our very first year in the fields of our hemp crop. Our cherry wine and cherry struck is on its way to drying and curing and we are excited to see our final work. It has been an emotional journey to get us here and we

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Hemp Dispensary LNK Farms & Products

Hemp is rising well the buds are at this point as we near harvest it is time to discuss our Hemp Dispensary/CBD Products store in East Windsor, CT.  LNK Farms has it’s grow almost ready to distribute to our LNK Products store at 170 North Road, East Windsor, CT. 06026. We are an all-inclusive LNK brand

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CBD/CBG Oh My LNK Products

CBD/CBG Oh My… from the customer discovery process Cannabis used for CBD or hemp has a lot of cannabinoids that have yet to be studied and without isolation can have quite the entourage effect on our life.  Once we start to isolate cannabinoids that may be useful, we may lose the healing effects. We are always on

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Grow…Seed to Sale, Struggle is real!

Transitioning careers to one of a grower, but not just a closet, back yard, small grow, a field grower, an acre grower, coming out of an office environment working with people to the soil, the dirt, PH levels (what the hell is that and why is it so important)…all the research, naysayers, negative vibes, get

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Bear coming for the hemp dispensary in East Granby, CT.
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LNK Farms in East Granby, CT.
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