Hemp Harvest Time LNK Farms

LNK Farms Harvest Time :)

It is our honor to be able to harvest our very first year in the fields of our hemp crop. Our cherry wine and cherry struck is on its way to drying and curing and we are excited to see our final work. It has been an emotional journey to get us here and we look forward to all we learned.

We are going to get out there by hand and start the process of chopping it, careful transport and movement to our warehouse for drying with dehumidifiers and fans ready to meet the ideal conditions for the dry.

Our team is in formation. Our customers are patiently waiting for the hemp to be at its best for ultimate cbd quality. Stay tuned because October is going to bring you some quality bud right from Massachusetts and Connecticut to your home and in our LNK products. We can’t wait!


Hemp Dispensary LNK Farms & Products

Hemp is rising well the buds are at this point as we near harvest it is time to discuss our Hemp Dispensary/CBD Products store in East Windsor, CT.  LNK Farms has it’s grow almost ready to distribute to our LNK Products store at 170 North Road, East Windsor, CT. 06026.

We are an all-inclusive LNK brand dispensary seed to sale where we make our own products entirely.  This year at LNK Farms we grew non-feminized seeds.  Our seeds are all grown up and waiting to be harvested for our hemp dispensary.  We will have cherry wine, cherry struck and in months to come some mountain mango.  

For next year we plan to do our own feminized seeds to be able to sell along with seedlings to sell to the public.  We have piloted our grow, we have been presented with our challenges and we plan to adjust accordingly to be able to bring this area the finest hemp delivery, seeds, and seedlings.  Stay tuned as we continue our mission to help heal.

CBD/CBG Oh My LNK Products


from the customer discovery process

Cannabis used for CBD or hemp has a lot of cannabinoids that have yet to be studied and without isolation can have quite the entourage effect on our life.  Once we start to isolate cannabinoids that may be useful, we may lose the healing effects. We are always on a journey to help our customers to lead more productive lives full of joy.  

It’s a lifestyle using the CBD vapes because for many they are on vapes that have nicotine and this creates a way for them to get off while receiving benefits of feeling happier and more relaxed.

For a lot of people, CBD helps them get through their day.  It manages anxiety, panic attacks and allows people to experience healing, decrease inflammation and work in conjunction with their body to naturally heal thy self. 

One story that I heard so far that was simply beautiful was a husband and wife hiked a mountain and when on the summit of the mountain, began to vape as they were taking in the view and it enhanced their experience to magnify the beauty of their breathtaking hike.  CBD captivates us without the high.  

LNK Products have a standard of integrity that will outlast the test of time simply due to the unique love and joy put in the product to enhance your experience.